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Many of Paul Bosman's African and North American wildlife paintings have been reproduced through a revolutionary  new printing process known as Gicl�e prints.   Gicl�e - pronounced ghee-clay - comes from the French  word meaning "the spraying of paint" and refers to a computerised printing technology.   It is the closest duplication of an original work of art that is human, mechanically and technically possible. Apart from the precise duplication, the process allows one to reproduce any image on paper, wood or canvas.

Thanks to this amazing new process, any painting you enjoy can be reproduced as a  Gicl�e.

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"Ever the watcher - in the African veld the leopard sees all, but is itself seldom seen...."

- Dr. Anthony Hall-Martin, CATS OF AFRICA

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Rocky Refuge

Giclee Print    Image Size 38" x 30"
Edition Size:  180  S/N........$750.00 *
                          18  A/P .........$900.00  *

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Cats Content

Giclee Print    
Image Size 30" x 40"
180 S/N....................................$795.00*

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Sunshine and Storm in Rhodesia

Giclee Print    Standard Edition:   $199
18x22" (open edition )

Giclee Print    Executive Edition:   $380
22x26" (limited edition of 300)

Corporate Edition: $820 **
50x60" (limited edition of 10)
**Includes a 7x10" original pencil sketch

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