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Cats of Africa by paul bosman

"...The leopard is an animal of great beauty - the perfect example of feline power and grace. Solitary, secretive and aloof, it is an unmatched predator, and a powerful symbol of the wild places of the earth."

-- Dr. Anthony Hall-Martin, CATS OF AFRICA

CATS OF AFRICA published by Fernwood Press in South Africa in 1997 and published in the United States by Smithsonian Institution Press in Washington D.C.  in 1998.
Hardcover - 152 pages
Dimensions (in inches): 1.05 x 11.14 x11.32
Price: $31.50  Order Cats of Africa Today!

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depicting the great elephant tuskers of the Kruger National Park, published by Human and Rousseau, South Africa in 1994.
Paul Bosman Magnificent Seven Elephants (12998 bytes)


Magnificent Seven Prints Still Available

Elephants of Africa by Paul Bosman(8388 bytes)  

ELEPHANTS OF AFRICA, published in 1986 by Struik, South Africa and published by Safari Press in the United States in 1987.

Book Price: $45* - Order Now!

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Arizona Game Birds illustrated by Paul Bosman15311 bytes)


ARIZONA GAME BIRDS,  published by
the University of Arizona Press in 1989. (4864 bytes)

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