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"Lean, lithe and agile, the cheetah is built for speed . . . It is the fastest mammal on earth. Every facet of its anatomy has been honed to serve one purpose - the chase."

- Dr. Anthony Hall-Martin, CATS OF AFRICA

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"...The leopard is an animal of great beauty - the perfect example of feline power and grace. Solitary, secretive and aloof, it is an unmatched predator, and a powerful
symbol of the wild places of the earth."

-- Dr. Anthony Hall-Martin, CATS OF AFRICA

Paul Bosman's sketches capture the spirit of their subject - from the graceful flow of a leaping cheetah to the heartwarming scene of a family of Gambel's quail.  Sketch prices start at $120, unframed, and sketches are available in a wide range of African and North American wildlife subjects.
Please contact Wildlife Investments, Inc. with questions or to place and order.

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