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National Museum of Wildlife Art

Society of Animal Artists booksellers

Rhodesians Worldwide - contact  site for folk from Rhodesia

Green Magic Landscaping & Aquafeatures

united artists group - artists helping artists

Online Art - your source for wildlife art instruction, paintings, prints, art books, and more

ArtsCad - an online arts community dedicated to exhibiting work by emerging artists from around the world Art

art  ebooks, magazines and links to
artists of excellence from Rob Hopcott

Giclee art prints for sale by contemporary artist Lee Goodall
Giclee art prints for sale by contemporary artist Lee Goodall

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Conservation Organizations

African Elephant Conservation

The Elephant Sanctuary


The Wildlife Art of Wes & Rachelle Siegrist 

The Art of James Maberly

The Wildlife Paintings of Lesley Ann Hartman

Fine Art by Ron Wilson

The Abstract Art of  Hal Fielding

The Wildlife Art of Roy Nauffts

Wildlife Art by Dustin van Wechel

African Wildlife Photography By Michael Wain

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